Holga // Plastic Camera

By trade, I'm a people photographer. But I also enjoying hiking, exploring, and sometimes get to travel for my job. On those times where I am photographing for myself, I bring along my Holga, a plastic camera that records square images on medium format film. Most images are exploring composition and focus on line, shape, and light. While my day job requires perfect images, I find a peace in this medium, using an imperfect camera with unpredictible results.

Eleven of my holga prints were featured in a solo show at Two Rivers Coffee in Arvada, Colorado. They were enlarged to 30x30", and framed in handmade poplar box frames.

This video follows the creation of the box frames, mounting, and hanging for the Two Rivers solo art show.

Here is a very nice writeup about me and my art work at COUTUREcolorado.

All personal work is available for purchase here.